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All our ingredients are sourced from most pristine waters on earth, biological fields and woods of Northern and Southern Europe and products in most highly rated laboratories of Europe. All of our products are produced only using latest achievements in production of supplements and only using most innovative ingredients and latest trends in science & research of novel foods and food supplements.

We  only  use  ingredients  that  are  harvested  in  cleanest  waters,  woods  and  fields.  Biologically  grown  and sustainably  harvested  products  will  always  be  our  first  pick  when  delivering  ingredients  to  our  product producers  all  over  Europe.

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Kriella kri


If the krill oil challenged the fish oil respectively its certain food supplement agent content or effective mechanism to compete then it would end on top levels. The krill oil is the new generation of the Omega-3 fatty acids. It has won by a “body-length” compared to the fish-oil!


KRIELLA Astaxanthin

The astaxanthin is the colorant of the algae living in the Arctic and Antarctic seas, these form the food of the krill crabs.
The red colouring agent is a substance of type carotene, the algae are able to stock it in huge quantities in their cells, this is the astaxanthin.


KRIELLA Krill Oil B-Active

Besides containing the krill oil the Kriella B-Active also provides the B vitamins that are indispensable for our body. Nowadays the majority of the people are taking little B-vitamins.

új D krill

KRIELLA Krill Oil & D3

Krill oil is one of the richest sources of omega-3 in nature because it contains high concentrations of the extremely beneficial omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), as well as the natural antioxidant astaxanthin.Krill oil has a unique molecular structure in the form of marine phospholipids. 



Kriella provides the most powerful supplement for strengthening the immune system, reducing fatigue and improving airway health.

Kriella curcumin

KRIELLA Pure Curcumin GOLD

Despite health benefits connected with curcumin, one big hurdle has to be taken, to unfold these benefits and make them accessible by affordable supplements and functional foods: The poor curcumin bioavailability.

"Health is opening windows and doors to the world"

(Jorge Bucay)

It is up to you whether you want to be healthy when opening the windows and doors with the support of the krill oil:

„for life, for the mind, for the beauty, for the body”!

Please look out the window then step out the door! Take a deep breath, look around! You can see, the world is splendid. Can you see the dangers, too? Most probably…

Nature and the surrounding environment are wondrous things. It is the box of already discovered and still to-be-discovered mysteries that contains everything we can make use of. We have been looking for the catalysers of our development for thousands of years. This can’t be otherwise; but as we improve our knowledge and the more we are possessing, the more we are losing … Among others we are wasting our health because there are unavoidable burdens on our shoulders:

…work, work, work … overburdening… problems… convulsive muscles… stress… chemicals… gene manipulation… alcohol… stomach pain… preservatives… allergy… fatigue… sleeplessness… high blood pressure… spinal pain… headache… stress, stress, stress… diseases…

What a burden on our shoulders, what a stress…

Whatever dark the picture is, there is a solution!

There is nothing more important than our body wholeness! Keeping an eye on this we try with responsibility: we are looking for solutions to prevent the civilisation’s harms, to balance them. Fortunately we do find something! Nutritive supplement, food supplement, vitamin, anti-oxidant, astaxantin… We keep concentrating on the substances and creatures found in the flora and fauna, that build our body – for example the krill crab! The result of the vast research is the newest generation of the fatty acids that is indispensable for our body, that is the

krill oil: with astonishing features and values!

The Kriella’s krill-oil is a first class valuable brand, offering a health and food-supplementing product – the name is a quality guarantee among the market leading products! The components are forming an optimal combination to assure the impeccable quality and efficiency.

The motto of the Kriella is not a coincidence: „for life, for the mind, for the beauty, for the body

In our body everything is in connection with everything, it is astonishing what a harmony there is in our body! Let’s quote the wisdom of Juvenalis? „Mens sana in corpore sano” (Sound mind in sound body). Let’s play with the quotation: sound soul in beautiful body… beautiful soul in beautiful body… beautiful soul in sound body… We can summarise all this in one word:


The krill oil of KriellaHealth can be maintained with the krill oil despite the plethora of harmful impacts (prevention!) and several diseases can be eased!

You, who are thinking responsibly, taking care of yourself and your loved ones – regardless whether they are tiny babies or old people, healthy or sick – can make maximal use of the effects of the krill oil!

The Kriella krill oil is not a wonder remedy, but it is almost:

  • it is being caught from „untouched nature”, the waters of the Antarctica, by eco-fishing – from a controlled site
  • the exclusive nutrient of the krill crab is the vegetal plankton, no heavy metal or fertiliser is polluting it
  • excellent antioxidant, the O.R.A.C value:
    • astaxanthin-based anti-oxidant + in a small quantity A and E-vitamin, rare flavonoids = 378 µmol/g
    • for comparison: the average anti-oxidant value of the fish-oils is 8 µmol/g, the A- E-vitamin: 1.25, the Q10 coenzyme: 11, Lycopin: 58 µmol/g)
  • contains 100 % krill oil, without additives
  • the vital fatty acids are contained in a more concentrated form, a small dose is sufficient
  • it is not oxidising
  • there is fish-smelling, oilish belching: water-soluble, the Omega-3 is present as phospholipid, sort of „relative substance” of the human cell membrane: it is being absorbed more easily
  • the A and E vitamins are contained in natural form
  • it is sparing us, it does not contain Omega-6 fatty acid (it may generate inflammation in high quantity!), otherwise we can take it with other normal food, the healthy ratio of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid is 5:1!
  • The capsule is small, it can be swallowed easily
  • Can be applied for bile and liver pains, it is absorbed from the stomach-intestine system
  • it is utilised efficiently due to the good absorption
  • the krills are processed immediately, the fishing boats correspond to the highest fishing standards
  • the price-value ratio is suitable
  • the comparison between the Kriella products and the poor food supplements: heaven and earth
  • continuous, reliable product supply
  • the capsules have been distributed since 2013
  • up to the age of 14 one capsule a day is sufficient for obtaining the maximum impact

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Mr Schell Antal – product consultant